Aplilus xCell PurOver the last 15 years, while many manufacturers continued to develop laser machines to be the very best, it is unfortunate that hair removal lasers have never been able to effectively remove white, blonde, grey and ginger hair due to the lack of pigment.

Thankfully, during the last 15 years, a Canadian company called Dectro, developed and perfected their technology to permanently and comfortably remove white, blonde, grey and ginger hair. They set a new standard and took electrolysis to a whole new level of efficiency, speed and comfort compared to other devices. Owing to its powerful circuits, stable currents and intuitive navigation, the trained therapist is able to provide pinpoint precision, with optimal settings to deliver the ultimate results.

In January 2018, Dermalaser, Medical Skin & Laser Clinic became the proud owner of the Apilus xCell Pur, the latest patented electrolysis technology. At this stage our clinic is the only centre in the Western Cape offering electrolysis with this advanced device.

This treatment offers exceptionally comfortable and faster treatments than traditional electrolysis applications. Up until recently, our clinic offered laser hair removal technology that only reduced dark hair but the Apilus xCell Pur has been a welcome addition clinic alongside all our laser machines and other skin-related devices. We have seen the results in removing blonde, ginger, white and grey hairs and have happy clients to show for it!

  • Electrolysis treats hairs individually meaning the hair has to be visible in order for it to be treated by the therapist.
  • This method of hair removal is ideal for those with blonde, grey or white hairs which cannot be effectively treated with a hair removal laser which targets dark hairs.
  • It is ideal for those wanting eyebrow shaping.
  • It is a good solution for stubborn hairs and can be incorporated into your hair removal program, following on from laser sessions i.e. for those with dark and light hairs.
  • For all those who with irritating hairs above the upper lip and on the face or chin and who need regular waxing. With regular Apilus treatments those hairs will eventually cease to grow and you will no longer require waxing.
  • Your therapist will recommend the correct treatment intervals and required number of sessions. This treatment is more comfortable than older electrolysis technology.
Is it safe to have electrolysis?

The Apilus xCell is FDA approved and safe to use on all skin types even sensitive clients.

How many treatments will I need to remove the hair/s permanently?

This depends on many factors, for example whether the hair is hormonal, if it has previously been waxed or plucked and the area of the body that requires treatment. Hair grows at different rates all over the body. Some hairs may require several treatments. The Apilus xCell uses a 27.12 MHz ultrafast radio frequency. Since this frequency is up to 6 times faster than that of other hair removal devices, the Apilus xCell focuses the energy more intensely at the base of the hair, producing faster results much more quickly on all hair types.

Is this treatment painful?

Each follicle is treated using flash thermolysis, which can be felt through a short, sharp sensation. Some areas will be more sensitive than others. The treatment of each follicle is much faster with thermolysis than galvanic electrolysis. Many clients even fall asleep during long treatments.

What downtime & discomfort can be expected?

Exceptional Comfort with no downtime. Thanks to its 27.12 MHz ultrafast radio frequency and exclusive techniques, the Apilus xCell offers an unparalleled level of comfort for the reduction of hair removal. In fact, the treatment is performed so quickly that the sensation is barely noticeable. Mere thousandths of a second are enough to eliminate unwanted hair! By offering such a high level of comfort, the Apilus xCell has become the preferred solution for all body areas and types of clients, including the most sensitive ones!

Your Dermatologist or Therapist can provide you with more information on whether the Apilus electrolysis is the right treatment for you. If you suffer from any chronic skin disorders you must please bring it to their attention.

Pre Treatment Guidelines

  • Do not wax, shave or remove the hair by any form as the hair is needed to be treated.

During Treatment Guidelines

  • Dermalaser uses the Apilus system which client find much more comfortable than other epilators on the market
  • Each follicle is treated using flash thermolysis, which can be felt through a short, sharp sensation.
  • Some areas will be more sensitive than others
  • Many clients even fall asleep during long sessions

Post Treatment Guidelines

  • Do not touch or scratch the treated area
  • Avoid contact with oily, perfumed, or alcohol based products
  • Apply a cold compress to the area if necessary
  • Avoid hot bath/showers, sauna and steam-rooms
  • Avoid UV exposure
  • Apply recommended SPF
  • After 5 days, gently exfoliate and moisturize treated area
  • Avoid application of make-up for 24 hours
  • No deodorant for 48 hours post treatment
  • Wear Cotton Underwear for 48 hours post


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